The Plugg Music-The Plugg Music

Our team is trained both internationally and locally, so they understand your needs and the environment in which you do business. Our team structure enables you to grow as a professional. Our ultimate goal is to develop your skills and talents in line with your interests and career goals.
Managing Director
Mr. Hardy is the founder and CEO of the company. In addition to running the company and setting overall product strategy, he remains actively involved in many departments of the company that he had previously run himself.
Ms. Foy is the first company’s first employee. Most recently, she served as support Officer at Information Technology, one of the largest providers of enterprise applications in the world. Prior to this company, she has spent 17 years in various operational.
Mr. Langer is a dedicated and reliable expert in the field. Before joining us, MIKEL served in senior leadership roles at a number of organizations. He began his engineering career at Tap Tarus India where he developed network management products

David Pailman in the year 2018, 7 years after getting an award at the Hansa Pilsener Legends In The Making 2 Business Workshop, felt that it was time to start off on his own. He thus started a modern and professionally run label. David was born in 1980 at a time when South Africa had no opportunity for the man of colour to advance into financial freedom and he started this company with the sole aim of serving his people with 100% transparency and highest excellence.

Hands-on involvement, open lines of communication, attention to details  like budgets and schedules, state-of-the-art technology and the highest standards of design excellence have been the guidelines in all his work .

All our partners are:
  • Glowfaith Records
  • Roofmusic Entertainment
  • Tribe 031 Entertainment
  • We take full responsibility and liaison with all stake holders involved. We offer entire gamut of services, so our customer need not look any where.
  • We also help our clients get the best value by helping them choose the right people for the right job in the various stages in keeping with our tradition of serving to the best of our capacity .
We are now a firm of 18 professionals - Artists, Songwriters and Producers with loads of experience. Maintaining higher standards and transparency right from designs, materials, design techniques and management principles. We are determined to help customers realize their dreams whether it is a commercial or in house or an industry unit and in the process create a valuable art for them. We ensure that every single project has strategic project teams giving client-focused solutions.
We continually keep updating our skill set with the latest market trends, technology, Eco & green initiatives, etc

Belief of the Team and Our Design Principles
We at The Plugg Music put our whole heart and spirit into our work. We don´t see our projects as bread winning ventures but opportunities for us to express our talent and work and create a masterpiece that will become landmarks for generations to come.
Our design team is one of the most qualified. Each one having many years of experience in the field. Very passionate & dedicated team working very closely with clients, understanding their needs to ensure full satisfaction. 

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